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Reviewed By:
Bob Salvi
May 31, 2022
A bit more yellow flowers than i would have liked. Wish you had sent photo before sending arraingment...thanks, bob salvi
Reviewed By:
Loretta Eazarsky
Aug 17, 2021
Please replace the two big flowers in the front
Reviewed By:
Jun 15, 2019
Were is the roses? I asked for 12?
Reviewed By:
Apr 18, 2019
The color looks good.
Reviewed By:
Heidi Hogan
Nov 11, 2018
I arrived early at the funeral home early enough to pull and cut back the height of the 4 "stick up flowers" but never got the opportunity to do so. They really had a bizarre effect on an otherwise fantastic arrangement. Their height threw the arrangement
Reviewed By:
Oct 23, 2018
I was disappointed, I didn't really care for the flowers selected for the arrangement. I hope it was prettier in person and I would have like a delivery confirmation.
Reviewed By:
Nancy Phillips
May 3, 2016
Lovely colors. Could use additional roses perhaps to fill in over/around bow and between glads.
Reviewed By:
Mar 21, 2016
Wasn't expecting the flowers to be so short, when cutting the ends of the stems they hardly fit in the vase anymore.
Reviewed By:
Dec 22, 2015
not impressed
Reviewed By:
Marlene Culley
Apr 1, 2015
I asked not to have fresh flowers because of the weather, but rather a theme. I also asked for a picture at the cemetary and this is clearly not that! I know this was my first time placing an order so I will be more specific next time.
Reviewed By:
Maria Da Silva
Jan 3, 2015
I was a little disappointed. Thought there would be more carnations. I know that my brother wanted to stay within a certain cost range but the picture I saw had a lot more carnations.
Reviewed By:
Jan 1, 2015
It's a lot of greens and not the nicest assortment of flower types. For $100 I would prefer less carnations and more lilies or iris or roses. Less greens and more flowers. It looks a bit empty.
Reviewed By:
Nov 13, 2013
I think the flowers are pretty, but we are a little disappointed that anything other than flowers(dried corn cob, berries) was added. I ordered fall FLOWERS for a remembrance for someone who died. If I had wanted or thought it was appropriate for anythi
Reviewed By:
Aug 16, 2013
Thank you
Reviewed By:
Aug 13, 2013