Reviews of Local Florists By City

American Fork, UT

American Fork Flower Patch ★★★★★ 2274 reviews, Read All
"Very nice"

Aventura, FL

Miami Gardens Florist ★★★★★ 2304 reviews, Read All
"Very nice flowers "

Boca Raton,, FL

Kimberly's Flowers of Boca Raton ★★★★★ 1197 reviews, Read All
"That you for the gorgeous flower arrangements. They will make a beautiful statement on the tables. Thanks again!!!"

Bountiful, UT

Bountiful Flower Patch ★★★★★ 4746 reviews, Read All
"That looks amazing!!! Thank You!"

Chelsea, MA

Salvy the Florist and Val's of Chelsea ★★★★★ 130 reviews, Read All
"They were very helpful and made it very easy to order flowers I am very happy to recommend them and there service"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist - Lakeview 0 reviews, Read All

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist - Prentice ★★★★★ 112 reviews, Read All
"Love it!"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist - Rush 0 reviews, Read All

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist Co. ★★★★★ 20977 reviews, Read All
"Okay thanks ☺️ "

Chicago, IL

Donna's Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 467 reviews, Read All
"Very stunning! Beautiful. Thank you very much."

Columbus, OH

Carriage House of Flowers ★★★★★ 179 reviews, Read All
"Very suitable and the Carrier Family liked them very much. Thank you"

Corvallis, OR

Expressions In Bloom ★★★★★ 2542 reviews, Read All
"I always love the effort you folks put in design and delivery of flowers to my family. Thank you for caring about what you do for other people!"

Dallas, TX

McShan Florist ★★★★★ 48467 reviews, Read All
"Very impressive floral arrangement. A bit pricey, but I was not disappointed."

Davenport, FL

Flower Power - Flowers, Wine and More ★★★★★ 2744 reviews, Read All
"Flowers were beautiful. Arrangement was wonderful flowers were fresh and my wife loved them. Service was awesome I needed an emergency Cheer up for my wife I called and they made it happen the same day. Thanks "

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Flowers of Fort Lauderdale ★★★★★ 3325 reviews, Read All
"What an amazing florist. The fact that they send you a photo of the arrangement that is being sent to verify it is what you wanted and like, has got to be one of the best customer service idea's I've ever encountered. For some reason, their email to me kept getting kicked back, so they called. I had the sweetest gentleman on the phone. We went over the email address and started talking about so many other things as well. He was super sweet, kind, professional, funny, and informative. Ordering flowers for a loved one, when you are out of state is hard enough. You hope and pray to get a good florist. Well, this place is the best. They called my Aunt to make the delivery, she wasn't home and they were given a neighbors address to leave, which they did. They totally went out of their way to make sure the flowers were delivered and put into good hands. The arrangement was beautiful, I just wish I could smell them through the computer!!! LOL. This will be my go-to place from now on when I need flowers to be sent to my Aunt. Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement, making sure they were left in a safe place, double-checking with me for arrangement verification, and the time you spent talking with me on the phone. Hands down the best place around to order your flowers from. "

Fort Worth, TX

Gordon Boswell Flowers ★★★★★ 1116 reviews, Read All
"A lovely floral arrangement. thank you for creating a bouquet that reflect our sympathy, thoughts and prayers for a friend and family needing expressions of love during tough times."

Hesperia, CA

Fairy Tales Flowers ★★★★★ 93 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful!!! Thank you, you guys always create amazing arrangements??"

Houston, TX

Breen's Florist ★★★★★ 11832 reviews, Read All
"The arrangement was gorgeous and the ladies helping me were so gracious and helpful. 💕🥰"

Jenks, OK

Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa ★★★★★ 497 reviews, Read All
"The flowers are beautiful thanks "

Jupiter, FL

Driftwood Florist ★★★★★ 2886 reviews, Read All
"Great Service, Great people.! "

Jupiter, FL

Flowermart ★★★★★ 3926 reviews, Read All
"The most beautiful yellow roses. Impressive. Thanks "

Lima, OH

The Flowerloft ★★★★★ 61 reviews, Read All
"Wow! Amy was so helpful and went above and beyond to help me with this order. Thank you! "

Lynn, MA

Salvy the Florist ★★★★★ 10805 reviews, Read All

Naugatuck, CT

Terri's Flower Shop ★★★★★ 788 reviews, Read All
"Beautifully designed,very pretty the color combinations and bow. Thank you my friend will love it for her 70th BD. I also love the idea of getting a picture of the finished arrangement."

Ogden, UT

Ogden Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1955 reviews, Read All
"These are wonderful and so big"

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Flower Kingdom ★★★★★ 6289 reviews, Read All
"As always, a beautiful arrangement."

Park Ridge, IL

Kiko's Flower and Gifts ★★★★★ 476 reviews, Read All
"We loved the arrangement and the special care and attention throughout: we highly recommend Kikos! 5 stars"

Pembroke, NH

Nicole's Greenhouse and Florist ★★★★★ 685 reviews, Read All
"Thank you!!!"

Provo, UT

Provo Flower Patch ★★★★★ 3643 reviews, Read All
"Very good service, delivery on time and very satisfied..thanks "

Roanoke, VA

George's Flowers ★★★★★ 12995 reviews, Read All
"Awesome creation, timely delivery, very friendly and helpful person taking the order! FIVE STARS, all the way!"

Salt Lake City, UT

Flower Patch ★★★★★ 21436 reviews, Read All
"Looks great"

San Antonio, TX

Spring Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 1405 reviews, Read All
"Best florists in San Antonio."

Staten Island, NY

Moravian Florist, Gifts and Home Accents ★★★★★ 5868 reviews, Read All

Sugar Land, TX

House of Blooms ★★★★★ 3113 reviews, Read All
"The flowers turned out beautiful! And your staff was so incredibly accommodating when I called & asked to have the delivery date pushed a few days back. Great experience all around. "

Vienna, VA

Karin's Florist ★★★★★ 6848 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement. My wife was thrilled. Thank you!"

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