Reviews of Local Florists By City

American Fork, UT

American Fork Flower Patch ★★★★★ 3552 reviews, Read All
"Gorgeous my wife loved them!"

Bountiful, UT

Bountiful Flower Patch ★★★★★ 7484 reviews, Read All
"Looks great, thank you!"

Catonsville, MD

Rutland Beard Florist of Catonsville ★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All
"Testing Alerts and Google My Business Page for Catonsville"

Chelsea, MA

Salvy the Florist and Val's of Chelsea ★★★★★ 130 reviews, Read All
"They were very helpful and made it very easy to order flowers I am very happy to recommend them and there service"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist - Prentice ★★★★★ 641 reviews, Read All
"Such a beautiful designer display. Thank you Ashland!"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist - Rush ★★★★★ 64 reviews, Read All
"I am extremely pleased with the service that I received speaking with April , who helped me with my beautiful choices of stuffed animals, balloons and a card and the other florist I spoke with her yesterday both were very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would give you 10 stars. I appreciate all the time in the care and TLC. "

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist Co. ★★★★★ 28560 reviews, Read All
"Liked very much but was expecting the basket of cut flowers we used the last Sunday in June for the Pastor’s retirement. Those cut plants lasted much longer than cut flowers. Is is possible to follow better using the pictures for reference. The person taking the order was at a disadvantage when taking the order without the picture. Thanks "

Chicago, IL

Donna's Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 562 reviews, Read All

Chicago, IL

LaSalle Flowers Chicago ★★★★★ 133 reviews, Read All
"Great florist to do business with. They gave me a great suggestion for a plant and the plant was beautiful And was delivered promptly as promised "

Corvallis, OR

Expressions In Bloom ★★★★★ 3622 reviews, Read All
"Thank you! This matches what my son picked out. Thank you again "

Dallas, TX

McShan Florist ★★★★★ 62217 reviews, Read All
"Thank you! I loved how the arrangement came out. "

Davenport, FL

Flower Power - Flowers, Wine and More ★★★★★ 5732 reviews, Read All
"Absolutely loved this arrangement… The delivery timing was perfect…The recipient was very happy…I will definitely be using this company again for future floral arrangements "

Ellicott City, MD

Wilhide's Unique Flowers & Gifts ★★★★★ 1 reviews, Read All
"Initial Test"

Fort Worth, Texas

Bice's Florist ★★★★★ 3291 reviews, Read All
"Excellent! I had a request for the delivery and it was fulfilled beyond my expectations. The flowers, presentation, quality of the vase and the delivery were perfect. Highly recommend. "

Fort Worth, TX

Gordon Boswell Flowers ★★★★★ 5717 reviews, Read All
"Thank you for doing a wonderful job on short notice!"

Frederick, MD

Frederick Florist ★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All
"Google ID test"

Gwynn Oak, MD

Wessel's Florist ★★★★★ 1 reviews, Read All
"Initial Test"

Houston, TX

Breen's Florist ★★★★★ 18636 reviews, Read All
"Flowers were sent to a recipient other than myself but she was thrilled with the arrangement. Asked who the florist was so she could use them in the future. "

Jefferson, LA

New Orleans Flower Delivery ★★★★★ 58 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement! Great work!! "

Jenks, OK

Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa ★★★★★ 581 reviews, Read All
"They were very kind and understood exactly what I was asking for. I’m so grateful to be able to see what’s being delivered. It was beautiful!"

Lee's Summit, MO

All A' Bloom Flowers & Gifts ★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All

Lynn, MA

Salvy the Florist ★★★★★ 15364 reviews, Read All
"Very nice "

Madison, NJ

J & M Home and Garden, Floral and Event ★★★★★ 110 reviews, Read All
"I love seeing the arrangements before they can sent out !"

Madison Heights, MI

Designs by Guzzardo's, Madison Heights 0 reviews, Read All

Melrose Park, IL

Designs by Guzzardo's ★★★★★ 130 reviews, Read All
"Flowers are lovely. Colors are vibrant. Delivery person left them outside in front of door, under sign that says "Leave all packages inside of breezeway". No protection on arrangement i.e. plastic wrap or small box to prevent tipping."

Naugatuck, CT

Terri's Flower Shop ★★★★★ 1040 reviews, Read All
"Very accommodating "

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Flower Kingdom ★★★★★ 15292 reviews, Read All
"They were beautiful and the process was easy and professional !"

Park Ridge, IL

Kiko's Flower and Gifts ★★★★★ 508 reviews, Read All
"I sent this flower arrangement to two people as a thank you. One person said it was the most beautiful flower arrangement they had ever received. The other person said the flowers were "beautiful, not pretty, beautiful.""

Pembroke, NH

Nicole's Greenhouse and Florist ★★★★★ 922 reviews, Read All

Provo, UT

Provo Flower Patch ★★★★★ 5687 reviews, Read All
"So beautiful she will love them "

Roanoke, VA

George's Flowers ★★★★★ 24896 reviews, Read All
"George's always does the best job for me! Pretty arrangements that I was proud to give away as favors after the event! Guests were excited to receive! "

Salt Lake City, UT

Flower Patch ★★★★★ 30679 reviews, Read All
"Fabulous "

San Antonio, TX

Spring Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 1405 reviews, Read All
"Best florists in San Antonio."

Staten Island, NY

Moravian Florist, Gifts and Home Accents ★★★★★ 11144 reviews, Read All
"Very happy with the fruit and goody basket I sent to my neighbor. She loved it and so did I. Moravian never disappoints. Thank you. "

Sugar Land, TX

House of Blooms ★★★★★ 5066 reviews, Read All
"The arrangement was beautiful! They were very pleasant to work with! "

Towson, MD

Rutland Beard Florist of Ruxton ★★★★★ 1 reviews, Read All
"Initial test"

Vienna, VA

Karin's Florist ★★★★★ 10365 reviews, Read All
"The flowers were perfect! Thank you for your help. Going back to Michigan tomorrow."

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